Thai Hip-Hop Artist Tsunari Hopes to Inspire With Upcoming Music Project

Half Thai half Trinidaddian Hip-Hop artist Tsunari has come into 2020 in a big way. After releasing two singles with the help of Hot Money Studios, Tsunari has started seeing success pour in, gaining a spot on a Spotify-curated playlist New Era: Asian Hip-Hop. Tsunari provides easy listens with club-ready tracks like “Mula” and “Loco”.

Tsunari had a young interest in music from a young age. Growing up in Thailand as a mixed-race child, Tsunari experienced bullying and cruel nicknames. Music became an outlet for her to escape, making her feel like she belonged somewhere and there was no judgment. “For me, music is universal love.”

With her multicultural background, Tsunari wants to “give back something for [her] Thai people, especially young girls”. She is set to release a new music project soon that calls back to her Thai roots. “I want them to listen to my music and know that ‘you are an absolute bomb! You can be whatever you aspire to be as long as you believe in yourself and take that step.”

You can find Tsunari on Instagram here:

You can listen to Tsunari’s music here:

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