Denver Cold: Kim Kardashian Mighty Morphin’ Into Plastic Surgeon’s Beyonce

Organic Beyonce vs Plastic Surgery Created Kim Kardashian

Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian West are two examples of women who have made it to superstardom. While their ways of getting to the top were very different, both are known throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Their brands and logos are strewn through the entire global market, and both have hundreds of millions of adoring fans. Their presence on social media has accrued massive followings, with every post gathering likes, comments, and shares. People care what both have to say, and their ideologies are key parts of their brand. Beyonce brought to light issues of prison reform and racial injustice on her album “Lemonade.” Kim Kardashian met with Donald Trump to discuss the reformation of our criminal justice system. So, with all this in mind, why would Kim Kardashian try to take Beyonce’s face using plastic surgery Denver experts? 

Fans Say Kim K Wants to Be Bey

On Twitter and Instagram, there are so many fans of Kim and Beyonce that when something weird happens, somebody is bound to notice. When Kim first started posting style pics that were similar to Beyonce, people picked up on it pretty quickly. Eventually, similarities became identical outfits, and more people started noticing. Now, fans have seen selfies from both the superstars, and things are starting to get weird. While at first Kim was stealing outfits, like Bey’s iconic glitter look from 2011, or her cornrows-in-fur shoot for “Lemonade” from 2016, now their makeup and hair stylings are almost identical. 

Twitter user @orangebey first noticed the identical selfies, and immediately tweeted: “She really went to the surgeon and said “give me Beyoncé’s face” along with the two images side by side. Similar posts were made by other users, including rapper Gage. The side by side images are incredibly telling, and once you realize that Beyonce posted her pic first then it’s hard to argue that Kim isn’t trying to steal her looks. Kim definitely might be using plastic surgery Denver to do so.

Kim’s History With Plastic Surgery

Kim will tell you that she’s only ever had Botox done. However, most plastic surgeons who look at the before and after photos of the KKW Beauty mogul will tell you different. Experts asked seem sure that the fashion and beauty personality has had probable boob, butt, nose, cheek, waist, stomach, and hairline jobs done. These can include full rhinoplasties, liposuction, and fat transfers/implants. If said procedures were ever confirmed by Kim or her personal medical staff, then it would surely make people disbelieve in the efficacy of her beauty and health brands. 

If Kim did indeed use plastic surgery Denver clinics to look like Beyonce, then it just further taints her image as a “natural beauty” businesswoman. Most people want to feel good about where their dollars go, and for further accusations to be slung on an already controversial figure makes Kim K’s face on her brands look more like a potential liability than a good thing. Hopefully it isn’t true, but until she denies it – we’ll all be wondering. 

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