Platinum Peek Productions: A San Luis Obispo Based Media Agency Helping Clients Profit With A Digital Presence

The growth of Platinum Peek Productions within a short timespan has put founders, Eriksen and Soren Dickens, at the forefront of the video production industry as it pertains to digital marketing.  

The Dickens brothers chose filmmaking as their profession because they’ve always loved stories, regardless of the medium. Though they came from a small cowboy town in California, their ambitions were big enough to turn them into the successful entrepreneurs they are today. As youngsters, Eriksen and Soren made movies for fun, but their sports were what eventually took priority. It wasn’t until their sports careers ended in college when they decided to take filmmaking seriously. They purchased a drone and camera, and proceeded to launch their media agency out of Soren’s dormitory in 2016 while in college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. They started by doing music video shoots, documentaries, event videos, travel montages, and wedding shoots. They would also create promotional videos for businesses that helped increase their sales and market presence.

Within four years of inception, Eriksen and Soren have scaled their company into a legit media agency that produces advertising content for businesses and personal brands around the nation. The brothers have distributed the work amongst themselves, with Eriksen handling the creative part and Soren handling the operational and technical part of their production house. In total, they are a strong team of six talented professionals who aim to continue scaling the reach of their business. 

Documentaries produced by Platinum Peek Productions have won awards at international film festivals, making them all the more competent in the field. Their expansion plans have them partnered with a marketing agency with the capacity to create and produce up to 40 projects at a time. They have also refined their scope of work to create commercial documentaries and advertisements to help their client’s digital presence. Their award-winning documentary, Two Drops, which is about Rotary International’s involvement in the polio eradication movement in India, has won awards and been selected to eight international film festivals. With no end in sight, the Dickens brothers hope to continue to scale their business and continue to influence the lives of many through their work. 

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