Haimov Jewelers – The Best Celebrity Jewelers On The Scene

In the beautiful city of Miami, there is a jewelry shop named ‘Haimov Jewelers’, who are one of the most successful jewelry companies in the United States right now! Many of its celebrity status customers you would have heard of and many of their pieces you would have seen around the wrists or necks of stars (without realising).

Many customers travel from all over the world – Canada, The United Kingdom, China, Australia and so on –  just to get their hands on a custom or premade piece of jewelry from this business! This just goes to show how unique and amazing their products are in the eyes of jewelry lovers.

Haimov Jewelers provide a huge variety of different jewelry types like 1 lile4kt, 18kt, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold – Loose Diamonds, Watches. Additionally, they are able to offer a custom piece service to their customers.

Now, you may be wondering – how did this business become so successful? What is their secret? Who have they made jewelry for? We will be answering all of your queries within this article.

Haimov Jewelers is a family business that was created by a very talented man called Igal Haimov (who is the Chairman and CEO) who established this business in 1989. Haimov Jewelers has a strong system, it is a family-run business and everyone gets involved in the running of it. Haimov Jewelers have a strong value system that is intertwined within their services. For example, they treat every customer with respect as though they are part of the family.

As a result, Haimov Jewelers has impeccable customer service that is second to none, this has been a huge part of their success. As when a customer steps through the doors, emails them with a query, or calls them up to book an appointment – they are treated with respect, encouraged to relax and enjoy the process, and have the worker’s full attention.

Due to the brilliance of Haimov Jewelers, their success has been widespread and crept into the world of celebrity. They have created original pieces for the likes of Lil Pump, who is famous for his rapping, styling, and bling jewelry he wears in public. The media who follow Lil Pump have noted on multiple occasions the great jewelry he wears – and Haimov Jewelers are responsible for some of these pieces.

In addition, Haimov Jewelers have created pieces for other stars (who are famous for their iconic style and jewelry) like Jason Derulo, Maluma, Tpain, Timberland, 50 cent, Rick Ross, and many more household names.

Nonetheless, their high-quality products have attracted more than just celebrities, their products have attracted many ‘ordinary’ people who want to treat themselves or someone in their lives. All of whom received a warm welcome and very reasonable prices.

If you want to find out more about this iconic business, you should look at their website and Instagram page. Both will leave you speechless at the talent they possess. Regarding the quality and customer service of Haimov Jewelers. It is no surprise they have been so successful in the world of jewelry.

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