Colton Graves Decides To Pursue Music Career In Honor Of His Best Friends Death, Releases New EP

Growing up working on his family’s ranch, Colton Graves fell in love with music at a young age. Moments like singing in his Grandpa’s truck while riding from place to place helped shape his path to being an artist. “I started singing along with my Grandpa Lloyd (aka my best friend) in his truck when I was little. Been hooked on it ever since” said Colton Graves. In his 8th grade school year, Colton started to record himself on a 6 track that his father gave him. “My dad let me use his guitar in 8th grade and a little 6 track recorder. I started writing music and recording stuff and having fun” said Colton.

After singing for years, Colton Graves began playing shows in the Sacramento area whenever he could spare time. His best friend Bryce died a few years ago, giving him the motivation to pursue his career as a musician with more haste in honor of their efforts together. Although it is early in his career, Colton has already had one of his tracks featured on American Idol as a theme track.

Being recognized for his talent, Colton Graves signed a deal with Extreme Music/Sony ATV. “This dude Aaron Kaplan came to a show up in Folsom and liked what I was doing. He asked me to come make some music with him at Extreme Music/Sony ATV in Los Angeles” said Colton Graves. Colton and Aaron have been working on music together ever since they met at the show.

Most recently, Colton Graves released his debut EP to all platforms. The 4 track project titled “Smile For Me”, lasts about 15 minutes in length and features Colton’s twangy vocals and beautiful country instrumentals. The project floats around in multiple musical spaces, containing both upbeat jams and acoustic anthems.

Colton Graves is currently working on new music. In the meantime, stay up to date by checking out the links below.

Listen to “Smile For Me” below:

Follow Colton Graves here:

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