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According to the most recent statistics, companies that have a blog of their own get at least 55% more traffic to their website. And thus, are able to acquire more customers.

But are the results of web-marketing actually worth it? Find out more below so that you can decide whether web marketing will benefit you or your business:

Web Marketing 101: The Basics

The term “web marketing” encompasses a wide range of online marketing activities. Meaning, that it describes any form of marketing performed on the internet. Including social media marketing, SEO marketing, email marketing, and more.

It’s considered one of the cheapest ways of advertising your business, as most online marketing solutions come at a much lower cost than traditional, non-digital marketing. Especially now that there are so many useful platforms and tools that can be used in order to successfully market over the web.

Like, for example, marketing automation platforms like Maropost, which will allow you to simplify the way you track web engagement and use that data to improve your relationships with your customers.

Another obvious ‘pro’ of web marketing is that, by sharing your message on the internet, you can reach more customers from all sorts of demographics. After all, as of July 2020, over 59% of people all over the world were using the internet. That’s almost 4.57 billion people that you can reach and draw into your brand!

The Different Types of Web Marketing Strategies

Web marketing can take many forms. You, yourself, probably see several forms of it every single day. Be it the banner ads you see everywhere you go online, the promotional emails that you receive from your favorite brands, or the social media posts that you run into on your newsfeed.

We’ve outlined some of the most popular ones and their main uses in the listing below:

  • SEO: SEO marketing is done to attract traffic to your website and new customers by making use of popular search engines like Google.
  • Pay-Per-Click: PPC is the practice of driving traffic and sales by paying for ads to appear on search engines and websites.
  • Email Marketing: The practice of collecting and nurturing leads in order to directly communicate with customers that are interested in your brand.
  • Social Media Marketing: The practice of building an online presence that will increase brand awareness and thus drive new customers and more sales to your business.

You might find that some of these are more useful for your business than others, based on the results that they provide. But, in the end, every single one of these should benefit you in some way, which is what we’ll be breaking down in the next section:

The Benefits of Web Marketing

Now that we’ve explored all the need-to-know aspects of web marketing, we can finally begin to answer why web marketing matters so much in 2020:

  1. It’s Cheap! Like we mentioned earlier, compared to traditional forms of marketing, web marketing is a lot more cost-effective!
  2. Extremely Targeted! At this point, technology has evolved not only to allow you to determine your businesses’ target audience based on big data analysis but also to target them specifically as well! You can set up your ads or create campaigns that target the specific websites, platforms, etc. that your target audience most frequently visits.
  3. Simplified Engagement! More than just cold emails. You can now send out incredibly personalized messages that will allow you to encourage brand loyalty with pre-existing customers and build relationships with new ones. Possible with platforms such as Maropost, which have specially designed tools that allow for complex customer journey building for customers of all kinds.
  4. Flexible & Adaptable! There are many different types of web marketing strategies and many different ways of achieving them. And with all the new products coming out to make your web marketing processes faster, more efficient, and easier than ever, you’ll find that it is very easy indeed to fix up your processes to reach the most people possible!
  5. Success is Measurable! And finally, with platforms like Maropost which, as mentioned, will allow you to track your engagements across several channels, measuring your successes is easier than ever, allowing you to very quickly determine the ROI of your web marketing experiments.

When it comes down to it, there is just no denying that web marketing does matter. Especially in 2020, when even the smallest of businesses are racing to establish their brand as quickly as possible to increase awareness of their products or services.

And the easiest, cheapest, and most effective way to do that? Is web marketing. 

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