Google’s John Mueller Talked About How to Avoid Spammy Links

Webmaster Trends Analyst in Google, John Mueller, talked about negative SEO attack faced by the website makers in the present time. He answered many questions from the publishers during his talk.

One of the questions he focused on was, If a competitor sends me hundreds of spammy links, then should I ignore these links or look for an unnatural link manual action?

Mueller answered this Question by saying that Google ignores such spammy links after it brought changes in its algorithm. The amendment in the algorithm is working very well, and there are a few cases of spamming.

He also stated that the practice of making spammy links has been running for a long time. Spammers think that linking to a high ranking website will rank their website on a top position in Google. But Google is not a fool organization. They should first go through the research paper published in 1998 to clear the myth.

Mueller told that if you are anxious about spammy links and want to remove them from your website forever, then use disavow tool. This tool lets their system to know that the links should not be taken into account regarding a person’s website. And there are many reasons why you do not want to receive these links into your account. Disavows tool must be used in extreme cases, and there are many rare severe cases of spammy links. Agencies with Group Buy SEO tools provide you useful tools to avoid spammy links.

John Mueller assured the publishers present there, that Google itself deals with normal spammy links. He also said, “On the other hand if you feel that these links are pretty normal spammy and something that any algorithm would figure out then you can just leave them alone and just kind of move on.”

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