Canton Inventor Receives a Patent for his Chainsaw Device

The instructional support Associate of SUNY Canton, Neil A. Haney, has been notified that his device that operates as a lubricating system for commercial chainsaws has recently been assigned a patent. The patent no. is 10,307,931.

The idea is to provide a positive displacement pump. As Haney was a student of Automotive Technology program, he invented the idea in order to conveniently be able to provide oil to the chainsaw bar and the chain while maintaining the process of a firewood processing machine. The invention allows the delivery of more oil to the foundation of the machine and is more convenient than traditional methods. It works through the automatic mechanical process.

“I was looking at all the other solutions out there, but none of them fit my needs,” Haney stated when asked how the idea was generated. “Innovation is something that has always interested me, and the students here are always eager to help with new projects.” 

Haney had been working via the SUNY Research Foundation and SUNY Canton. He filed a provisional application via the US official Patent and trademark office. This happened in 2015. Haney was not the only person to research the project. Many other companies had also done the same and many companies even contacted him to fix the device into their product. Here are some best chainsaws for which his lubricating system had proved to be really effective.

“Congratulations to Neil on achieving this critical milestone in the technology transfer process,” said Steven Wood, associate director for innovation and entrepreneurship at the SUNY Research Foundation. “Neil’s applied research and hands-on involvement with students in building his prototype exemplifies how SUNY innovations spark new opportunities. SUNY research produces more than 100 new technologies every year, and we always welcome the chance to assist faculty and staff inventors across the SUNY system to move ideas and inventions to the marketplace.”

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