Instagram is now the Most Used Social Media App Since its Launch

Facebook-owned videos and photos sharing app, Instagram, was launched in 2012. Within six years, the app has become the most used social media app on the internet. Instagram is changing every aspect of the life of the users such as their lifestyle, fashion, habits, way of living, attitude and much more.

This app is the most seen application in every smartphone. iOS App Store and Google Play are experiencing thousands of downloads and installations of Instagram every day.

The app is allowing people to communicate with other new people across the world. Many businesses are also using Instagram to promote their new products through Instagram models or influencers. The primary reason for Instagram’s rising popularity is its video-sharing feature. Video sharing on Instagram has become a passion or profession for many people. Users are posting some creative and entertaining videos on their accounts and gaining massive reactions from the audience.

Instagram users are also using Instagram for downloading their liked videos. Vidmate is a video downloading application for social media platforms.  And it is allowing Instagram users to download their favorite videos from Instagram, YouTube, as well as Facebook.

Facebook and Youtube are also offering their users a facility to share and post videos. But Instagram users are gaining greater exposure than Facebook and Youtube users. Instagram has become a profession for some people. There is also a good social marketing career opportunity through Instagram.

It is being used by the major part of the population today. One product launch with good marketing skills can reach up to millions of people within a second.

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