Double Glazing vs. Single Glazed Windows: Who Is The Ultimate Champion?

If you’re planning on carrying out a re-development of your home in the near future, you may completely overlook the idea of changing your windows. However, it’s important to understand that these fixtures aren’t just an entry and exit point to your property, but can have a significant impact on the temperature and comfort of your home. With this in mind, you need to consider whether you’d prefer to choose single or double-glazed windows dependent on your personal preferences and requirements. In this guide, we’re going to evaluate which one is best so you can make a more well-informed decision.

Single-glazed windows

Single-glazed windows are composed of a single pane of glass, therefore, they can be installed in older frames, which means you don’t necessarily have to purchase new ones, and that should save you money. Single glazing is also ideal if you live in a hotter region where heat retention isn’t desirable.

However, one of the most obvious drawbacks of single-glazed windows is the lack of insulation they provide. The environment outside will have an impact on the temperature within the home, especially during the winter months. The single pane of glass typically varies between 3mm and 10mm thick, which is not thick enough to keep your home warm.

Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows, on the other hand, have become a preferred option for homeowners. Double-glazed windows comprise two separate pieces of glass with argon gas between them, which works as a barrier to protect the home from the elements and provides up to 80% more insulation than single glazing. As a result, they will increase your home’s energy efficiency and make it much easier to maintain a constant temperature.

Similarly, double-glazing is less likely to suffer from condensation due to temperature control, which in turn, protects your furniture and personal belongings from becoming damaged as a result of dampness and mold. You’ll also be able to cut out more noise from the exterior of your home, which is a necessity if you live in a busy neighborhood.

If you have an older property and would prefer to stick to a traditional aesthetic, choosing double-glazing can still be an option. The company designs and fits timber sash windows with double-glazing to retain the visual appeal of older properties.

Even though double-glazing is more expensive to purchase and fit initially, it will save you a great deal more money in the long-term due to its energy-efficient properties, which means you’ll be spending far less on your energy bills in the years ahead. As a result, double-glazed windows are often the recommended option for new build homes or those undergoing renovations, as it keeps the home warm when the winter weather strikes. Many other additional benefits have been listed, which is why most homeowners now opt for double glazing over single glazing when the time comes to change your windows. It would always be worth speaking to a professional fitter if you need any further advice.

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