Session Length is Being Used as an App Engagement Metric for Measuring User Engagement

Many app owners make use of different ways to increase user engagement but there is not a specific measure to determine the user engagement rate. They make use of a session length to determine the user interaction on a mobile app.

A session length depicts the single period of user interaction with an app. It begins at the time of an app launch and it ends when no interactions happen in an app over a certain time interval.

Gives Valuable Insight into the User Experience

Session length helps to give deep insight into the user experience and it gives product managers all the details on this subject. It gives the right information about the time spent by a user on a mobile app. And an app owner can follow user behavior and prepare strategies for the re-engagement of users in the future.

By interpreting the available data, an app owner can easily make changes to improve the quality of a certain section of an app. It is really important to understand the user expectation and behavior for evaluation of the session length.

Helps to Improve the User Engagement 

Session length helps product managers to understand user app engagement in a detailed fashion. But it should not be used as a sole metric for judging the performance of an app. Other parameters such as session interval, time-in-app, screen flow, must be combined with session length to evaluate user engagement in a mobile app. For more detail about app engagement and session length, visit Storyly.

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