Mirrex is the Smartest Vanity Mirror Available to Ladies for Doing Makeup

summa / Pixabay

Mirrex makeup mirror is making news across the globe because of its smart features. It is a must-have vanity mirror for ladies to improve their appearance at any time of the day. Angel Lux light present in the mirror helps a woman to focus on any area of the face to do makeup with a high level of precision. And the touch sensor controls on the mirror help to adjust settings in a convenient manner.

The vanity mirror is easy to carry, as it has an ultra-lightweight and it is even smaller than an iPhone X. One can take a selfie with this manner by utilizing its lightning and it also supports wireless charging for a phone. With the inclusion of endless possibilities, it will change the way makeup works. Mirrex has a 360 degrees integrated light ring which makes it capable of reflecting a clear, beautiful face even in weak lighting conditions.

Mirrex is capable of surviving the rough conditions inside the bag because it is made of carbon fiber, ultra-clear glass, and durable ABS plastic. The smart vanity mirror supports faster charging of the phone and its tripod can be used for putting lightning on the face while taking selfies with a phone.

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