Writrz Block has Launched a Mobile App to Expand their Work and Bring Forth More Artists

Writrz Block is a creative agency and studio founded by father-son duo Bakir and James “Gotti” Floyd which is located in four major places- New Jersey, Atlanta, and DMV. The agency cum studio challenges artists from various genres to complete a hit record in 3 hours or less. Bakir Floyd is himself an independent music artist, and James Floyd was once a member of Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit.

The duo wanted to create a judgment-free platform focused on pushing remarkable musical talents. After Bakir graduated from Villanova University and James got released from prison, the two worked on their vision. They created Writerz Block together to connect their clients with people who admire the sounds and talents of the artist.

Writerz Block absolutely believes in creating long lasting careers for everyone who reaches their studio. They want each artist to drive iconic messages of peace, hope and propensity. The duo rate ‘Hope’ at the top level and the music that increases hope in the listener is given wings to fly and reach their audience by their studio.

They have had artists like Tsu Surf, Irv Gotti’s new artist SNF JT, Shotgun Shuge, Tobius Tate, Darius DK, Cruch Calhoun and many others take the challenge. They have recently launched their Mobile App on IOS. The goal of launching the app was that any artist from any genre can challenge each other to a 24 hour song dual to see which artist can create a better song to the chosen track. With every vote the challengers as well as the producers earn cash.

The agency is currently promoting 2 singles by Bakir Floyd titled- 2:am & Questions with the goal of making them reach the Top 10 chartbusters list. They are also working with local artists from NJ, DMV, and ATL areas and are looking to expand further.


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