The most influential personnel in technology world today, meet entrepreneur Johnny Dominguez aka JD Rex

Entrepreneurs don’t need a formula for success, rather they create their own, the phrase goes without any saying and when we talk about entrepreneurs one of such entrepreneur in this current century is JD Rex

He gave significance to his life by making an enormous impact on millions of lives through his business ideas. As the CEO of Vestige LLC, JD Rex is a multi task master who through his energy and passion has been successful in every business effectively, JD Rex has accomplished the status of a high performing entrepreneur, who has successfully headed as good as 20 business ventures.

JD Rex is the man who elicited the concept of digital connection through technology by introducing Amazon automation services through online stores. He has also forayed into the entertainment industry, demonstrating his ability as a sequential business visionary, making each one of his businesses rewarding.

The limit of business visionaries to make trustworthy impact begins from mental courage, conviction, and inspiration. Business visionaries are change-makers, prodded by the journey to reliably improve something.Johnny Dominguez otherwise known as JD Rex’s story is affirmation of that.

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