Decorate Your Home in Five Steps

A house is not a home until we add our own mark to it. Some might think this mark needs to be a renovation, but that’s a dramatic approach to a simple problem. All we really need to do to make a house a home is to start to decorate it. Don’t focus on what’s trending or the posts you enjoyed online. Instead, be true to you and follow these five steps to get your home looking better than ever:

1. Find a Solution for Clutter

Though decluttering absolutely can help you keep your clutter to a minimum, sometimes it is just necessary. You wouldn’t throw out your Christmas decorations just because you only use them for a short period each year, after all. The same applies to sports gear like skiing equipment or kayaks. You want them, and you enjoy them, but that just makes it difficult. After all, where exactly do you put these items so that they don’t stick out like a sore thumb?

You often have two options. You can either invest in custom storage solutions, or you can use a self-storage found on to keep your belongings for a small monthly fee. Depending on the size of your space and the items you want to find a proper home for, you may even find it best to do both.

2. Think in Color

One of the quickest ways you can change the entire vibe of your home and make it feel like a new space is simply by repainting it. Use color to add a splash of vibrancy, and be clever about where, and how you paint the walls. Statement walls are more than just an opportunity to be trendy, they actually work to trick the brain into feeling like the space is bigger, taller, or wider than it is.

3. Update the Fixtures

Another very easy design update that will have a big impact is changing out the fixtures. Adding new lampshades, changing out wall sconces, and updating all of the different door handles and even taps will add those character features new homes lack, and allow you to really showcase your personal taste all at once.

4. Add Décor, But Do It Slowly

For a lot of us, furniture is rather permanent, but décor is where we can have fun. You can get very cheap décor options to decorate your home with which means that it doesn’t matter if you don’t like it in the long run, right? Wrong. For the sake of your home feeling true to you, try to buy décor slowly. If you see something you love that seems to speak to you who are and what you like, buy it. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go exactly with what you already have, but that it suits your personality. Over time you will find your home is decorated with a wonderful clash of items that work well together and represent you.

5. Add Art to Your Walls

Finally, add art to your walls. Like décor, this should be done slowly, but it also needs to be done properly. It doesn’t matter if you found a great picture from a charity shop or you bought a painting from the gallery. If it’s going on your wall and therefore it needs to be properly framed and fitted. Do that, and you will be able to open up your home to so many windows of the world and really express yourself.

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