US-China Trade Talks are Causing the Stock Market to go Up and Down

The trade negotiations between the US and China are causing the global stock market to go up and down. As both countries are top economies in the world, the trade development between them will be a focal point for the next few weeks. The recent update on the US and China trade discussion is that the President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong Bill.

The market players are worried that China would retaliate and could hinder the ongoing phase one of the trade negotiations. If China does so, then it means, there could be another bad news for the stock market, primarily for the trade-sensitive stocks and commodity dollars.

The past few weeks were good for the stock market. If the updates on trade from both Washington and Beijing are ignored, then the calendar is expected to have more action in the coming weeks. The next trading week will start with key PMI numbers from both the major economies in the world. You can visit for full coverage on US- China trade negotiations.

Market focus is predicted to move to central bank rate decisions. Crude oil will shift the market focus on the expected oil inventories data from the US and the OPEC meeting. This Friday, the monthly non-farm payroll documents will be released for the US. This will be the most important employment report for market concern.

The numbers have been showing gains in job growth for the past few months. If the employment report goes negative, then dollar may fall in the next week.

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