Multiple Space Companies are Eagerly Searching People for Operating Satellites

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In a local US survey, it has been found that multiple space companies have been eagerly looking for people to operate satellites. Since the Space industry is expected to worth $805 by the year 2030, and due to this, more space companies are searching for satellite operators and other technicians for this purpose. A high number of people working in space companies are around 50 years of age. Hence, the requirement for the young staff for satellite operations has risen to a new level.

It is also a big challenge for space companies to attract people from web-oriented companies such as Google, Facebook because these MNCs lure young people by offering them a handsome package. According to Jeff Mathews, a Deloitte consultant with a Space industry background, the replacement for every retired person is not taking place smoothly. This has left space companies and government with no other choice than to search for young people to operate satellites.

Regarding the career discovery in Space, the school, as well as college-going students, has been making use of an interactive tool for career discovery to make the right decision about choosing the right stream in the space industry. At a global level, around one-third of people end up choosing the wrong career due to improper knowledge and also they bear the burden of a huge chunk of student debt. The use of a career discovery tool helps students to interact with the right space companies. In addition to this, students also get experience in the real-working environment on meeting experts from the space industry.

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