What You Need to Know about Ridesharing

We all know how busy and hectic life can get. Running round from pillar post, it can feel overwhelming and very draining at times. Plans can change at a drop of a hat, leaving you feeling frazzled and disoriented. This is especially annoying when it comes to travel plans.

Imagine the scene, you are about to jump into your car to head to a super important business meeting when shock horror – the battery is flat and you don’t have a jump lead at hand.

This may be an earth-shattering and horrific experience if we weren’t living in the 21st century with the technological advances we now have. The simple solution to this unexpected and troubling event is one click away on your mobile phone.

Ridesharing apps have made it easier than ever to find a convenient driver, within a few minutes to come and pick you up from any desired location.

This god-given gift to society provides convenient solutions, as well as huge saving graces in the biggest of pickles. If you’re unfamiliar with this amazing online automated service, then here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is ridesharing?

Ridesharing is a service that arranges one-way transportation on short notice. Waiting on the side of the road to hail down taxis is now a thing of the past. Ridesharing allows you to just whip out your smartphone and hire a driver to pick you up from your exact location.

All you need to do is download a ridesharing app to your smartphone and register your card payment details up to it. You simply enter your pickup and drop-off destination and wait for a nearby driver to accept your request to come pick you up.

Payment is then taken out of your registered card automatically once you reach your destination. This simple and seamless process means there is no need for direct cash handling between yourself and the driver, making everyone’s lives that little bit easier.


The price of a journey varies and is dependent on the distance of your journey, the time of day you are travelling, and the type of vehicle you request.

Prices may be increased and surged if you are travelling at a particularly busier time of day, or if there is a big event happening in the area such as concerts or big sporting events. The app usually gives you a heads up about the price increase before requesting your vehicle.


Ridesharing services and apps prioritise customer safety and try to make the customers feel as safe and comfortable as possible during each journey.

Some tips to keep you on high alert and help you feel extra safe are:

  •  The app will give you the drivers photograph and licence plate when you request a new ride – giving you a chance to verify the identity of your driver before getting into the car.
  • Most apps have a review score for each driver which you can check before entering their vehicle.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable about something then don’t enter the vehicle.

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