5 Reason Behind the Revolution in the Food Industries in 21st Century

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Most of the people have been worried about eating healthy food. In recent Years with the growing concern about obesity, diabetes and heart disease, there is a growing realization that foods full of fats and sugars have been “bad for you” It has made eating veggies much more desirable.

They are packed with nutrients, however with minimal amounts of Sugar and fat. However, their intake levels in a lot of the U.S. have been reduced.

One motive is difficulty in keeping them fresh and also the other is they require considerable effort in preparation. But, over the past 25 years, we’ve been moving through a brand new sort of “green” revolution, where fresh vegetables and prepackaged cakes have been introduced and have expanded our intake of leafy greens.

This revolution is part of their constant evolution from the food industry That plans to boost diversity of supplying, convenience to consumers, And offer new business opportunities.

There are many reason of revolution in Food industry like

  1. New Technology
  2. Advanced Marketing and promotion strategies
  3. Upgraded Resources
  4. High Consumer Demands
  5. Prepackaged Foods

Now let’s discuss all the factors one by one

1) New Technology

Technology plays a vital role in every industry. Earlier farmers don’t have latest technology knowledge neither any advanced tools nor equipment’s for farming. Right now with time we have seen the technological advancements. Most of the farmers are taking advantage of new technology and ultimately it results in growth of products.

2) Advanced Marketing and promotion strategies

Every Food Business needs to promote their products. Take an example of McDonalds, Culvers, KFC and PepsiCo. In Digital Space it often says that “Content is King but Marketing is Queen”. Every big brand are trying different strategies to acquire more customers like asking their customers about their experiences and feedback, for that most of the company has their own customer survey portal like McDonald has MCDVoice, Home Depot has Home Depot Survey Portal and KFC has myKFC survey platform. Using the customer feedback companies improve their sales, finds loopholes and try to gain more confidence of their customers.

3) Upgraded Resources

Social networking, Technology & smartphones have transformed everything. They have shown customers the authentic sources of merchandise, any possible harmful components, and also how specific products are created. There is a sort of transparency today — interconnectedness, if you’re — which was not there before.

Social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have made it simple for customers to turn into “food manufacturers,” create user-generated articles which brands may share. Nowadays, it feels like folks are increasingly more interested in carrying a deep dip into the foods they are eating, and in which it is coming out of — than eating it.

4) High Consumer Demands

Consumer demand for New food in the home without Having to Store Supplies Markets for new invention and food items to be sent to customers directly.

5) Prepackaged Foods

Many restaurants provide to ship on demand food and a few Significant retailers Send groceries into the home. Emerging businesses provide curated food on Demand, but some offer you subscription-based meal snacks delivered to the house.

Among the most astonishing new inventions recently are prepackaged salads. A vital man behind its Jim Lugg, that had been leader and president of Fresh Express. Prepackaged cakes are a consequence of several “persistent” inventions. Economics understood that inventions rarely happen randomly; they’re triggered by economic truths.

So these are some of the reasons I figured out. If you know any other then please let me know in the comment section.

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