Esports are Buzzing in 2019; Here’s Why!

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People love to play games, whether it is on a gaming console or a High-end computer system. According to a recent statistics report, on average, we play 4 hours a day. The number itself shows how popular gaming culture has become. Game development studios are putting a great deal of effort in the making and players love the advancements as well. Esports has now become an inseparable part of our lifestyle. So, in this article we are going to talk about things that have made Esports a sensation in 2019.

What’s new about Esports in 2019?

Talking of Esports, 2019 has been a great year for gaming culture in general. With several famous Hollywood celebrities becoming a part of games and some even being featured as the in-game characters have made a whole new bunch of people excited towards games. In 2019, some of the popular online multiplayer games made their entrance.

Apex Legends dropped in February 2019 making a great addition to some of the previous fan favorites of the same Genre such as play live casino games,Players Unknown battleground and Fortnite. But apart from this some of the amazing and popular franchises released their games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

How Esports tournaments’ changed the gaming culture?

2019 has enjoyed a great increase in the number of Video game streamers. A major influence was because of the popularity of PUBG Mobile. Tencent game developers featured gaming tournaments throughout the world, and this is something which helped casual gamers turn into professionals.

Though, the real change came to the industry when EPIC games organized a Global Esports tournament for their popular title, Fortnite.

How Streaming Platforms influenced Esports Culture?

Until the last decade, people used to think of Video games as more of just a way to relax and have a good time rather than having the feeling of competitiveness. But, since the introduction of Streaming Platforms, things have changed drastically.

In 2019, streaming sites like and DLive are showing a great increase in the number of Esports streamers. The reason behind this is that audience who want to watch gaming online is so enormous that many people have made this their source of livelihood.

Apart these, YouTube has also shown an amazing growth regarding content creators who create content around video games. Especially, a great incline in the popularity of videos about Online Games such as free spins is experienced.

How are popular brands involved?

If we look for the more generic cause behind the buzz of Esports in 2019, popular brands like Coca Cola and RedBull are quite high up on the hierarchy. Many globally known companies made their way into Esports by sponsoring global tournaments and featuring players.

As we know, these brands already have a great audience of their own. Thus, their interaction with Esports introduced it to a great pool of audience. So, this is why Esports are buzzing in 2019. Moreover, as per the industry experts, this trend is not going to go down anywhere soon, so make sure to keep up with it.

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