5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor TV

For decades, television sets have always belonged indoors. So why are people now installing outdoor television? Well, here are five reasons to have an outdoor TV. And if you have to put up a TV set outside the house, make sure you get it protected with Garnetics, one of the best outdoor TV covers in the market.

It’s nice to be one with nature

Sunshine and fresh air. Those are reasons enough to put up TV screens outside the house–a LED / LCD plasma perhaps. Nature makes TV viewing more fun. Also, as long as the weather is being agreeable, feeling the fresh air is always a welcome addition to the small screen entertainment. If the weather is terrible, though, just make sure that your TV is protected.

According to online research organization ScienceDaily, spending time outside has “significant and wide-ranging health benefits.” The report states that being exposed to green spaces will help lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. For pregnant women, exposure to nature will reduce the risk of preterm birth. It will also prevent, or at least, minimize the risk of premature death. Of course, it has been established that nature reduces stress, and will do wonders for people suffering from high blood pressure.

When you put up your entertainment outside the house, you are not only enjoying yourself, you are also reaping health benefits.

Bigger space, more people to socialize with

Obviously, the outside world provides a much larger space to entertain a larger group of people. You can host parties and barbecues outside. And while you are grilling, you and your guests can enjoy entertainment on your television. This is especially perfect when there is an important sports event going on. Yelling and cheering are best done outside the house. Jeering is fun, too, when your loud voices are not contained within the four walls of the house.

Get it as loud as you can

Speaking of loud voices, you can also make your outdoor television to be as loud as it can with the best surround sound speakers. Of course, be mindful of your neighbors. But as long as the setup is allowed, then you can pair your outdoor TV with high-quality sound system that allows you to enjoy clean audio even when you are outside.

Remember that there is a difference between indoor and outdoor television. The latter is made as such that it could withstand outside elements including nature’s sound. But it doesn’t hurt to complement the qualities of an outdoor set with great sound system. So make sure that you actually have an outdoor television set up outside the house and not just a regular television that you decided to put out.

Great piece of art—just make sure to have protection: outdoor TV covers

If you’re on the fence on what to decorate the wall in your patio or just the backyard, a television set is justified. A large set could already take up a huge chunk of the wall and everything that comes out of the tube is art—moving art, that is. Also, looking at a piece of art like a painting or drawing is just boring. Small screen entertainment is decidedly not boring with hundreds of programs to choose from.

Just make sure you have weatherproof protection when the TV screens are not in use. You have to protect your equipment especially when the weather is unpredictable. Choose high-quality outdoor TV covers that can protect your boob tube from all kinds of weather. Even if there is a roof over your television, a TV cover is still necessary. During the sunny weather, you still want your equipment protected from the heat generated by the sun. When it’s raining, you don’t want your set getting hit by raindrops. Or when it’s windy, you don’t want dust getting all over your tube. Measure your television in order to have protection that best fits the set. Protect TV mounts, too. Find a TV cover that has a pocket for your remote control, which is among the top household items that easily gets misplaced.

Because television is perfect for any setup

Obviously, Netflix and Chill is a thing. But there are so many different ways to chill especially when talking about the outdoors. Usually, for indoor entertainment, you just have the couch to chill on. Outside, though, the possibilities are endless.

So some prefer their outdoor television mounted on a wall that faces a pool or a hot tub. Just make sure that the wall mounts are high enough that splashes from the pool will not reach the television. It should be fun to enjoy swimming with friends while also checking out the latest episode of a hot series. Or maybe a romantic evening in a hot tub while watching a love story is more your thing.

Others might prefer watching the sun set while also watching the latest offering on Netflix or Amazon Prime. You could mount your outdoor TV with the backdrop of the horizon. Now that’s a perfect way to end the day.

If you live in a beach house, you might want to enjoy a bonfire while the TV set is playing something fun to watch. Whether you are with a romantic partner, amongst family or just with friends drinking beer, an outdoor television is one great way to bond.

An outdoor television is more than just a technology to abate boredom. It is an opportunity to foster relationship and to socialize. You no longer need to sweat it out just to enjoy the outdoors. There is no need to trek mountains just to enjoy nature with friends. All you need to do is find the best outdoor television set and call your friends. The choices of TV programs are endless, and movies are now readily available in the boob tube. Entertainment is now just as the tip of your fingertips.

Of course, if you want to enjoy more of these outdoor parties and gatherings, you have to protect your small screen so that they could last decades. Protect screens with outdoor TV covers, and preserve bonds and relationships in the process.

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