Use a Good Vegetative Plant Growth Mix Specialized for Growing Marijuana during the Vegetative Phase

With the ongoing growing season in America it is necessary to make sure the germinated seeds or clones have a healthy medium to grow in with ample room, enough light, food, water, and the right temperature and humidity for the process of vegetation.

The growing medium should be kept moist with water being sprayed on the leaves at least once in the day. But don’t go overboard and keep it soaked or water the leaves more than twice. The marijuana seedlings should be transplanted as soon as the established roots grow around 4 to 8 inches tall for it to grow healthy during this vegetative phase.

The baby pot plants can be placed outside for some time during the day for a week so that they absorb the sunlight as the temperature varies both indoors and outdoors. The plant in this way goes into the ‘hardening’ process that allows them to not suffer too much stress when they are moved from one environment to another.

For the vegetative growth to be proper it is important the plants are placed in the sunlight for minimum 12 hours so that their hormones don’t trigger the flowering phase. The outdoor temperature should be ideally from a low of 55 F to a high of 85 F.

One can use plant blankets during cold nights and a shade cloth for the hot days to protect the plants from the shock of all seasons. The plants should not be over watered. The nutrients given to the plants should be timed and not all nutrients be given at the same time and in bulk. Choose the right mix as too many nutrients will make the plants lose their ability to absorb the additives.

A good soil mix consisting of calcium, magnesium, and seaweed extract can be used. One should also provide the marijuana plant a good vegetative plant growth mix specialized for growing it and sold by reputable nutrient companies like Botanicare, Advance Nutrients and Fox Farms.

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