Joey Hickson’s Break Media is a team of experts providing ultimate service to artists who want to grow in the Entertainment world

Break Media started by social media influencer and entrepreneur Joey Hickson feels proud that his Break Media is helping influencers and artists in their career. Break Media is dominating the space from the past six years and now growing as a leading Media company for artists in the music world.

The main thing about Break Media is a dedicated team of Joey. Yes, Joey is proud of his team, and he feels his team is best in business; they know how to work in this field. The main reason for the company’s success is the entire team of Break Media.

Based in Los Angeles California, Joey, with his Break Media is building a platform for inspirational artists who he feels should get a chance to showcase their work. Because of their effort, the entertainment industry is getting many big names.

Other than giving artists, they also save millions of money with their sound work. Joey and his Break Media is helping artists by giving them loyal followers.

Joey himself is a big follower of the entertainment and music industry he always wanted to do something in this field and atlas in 2014 his dream came true by Break Media. He has surprised everyone with his growth in this industry.

Break Media has worked with hundreds of clients, and they have one of the finest collections of  ‘track records’ that has ever been accomplished in the industry. 

Some of the notable influencers they have worked with include Gary Vaynerchuck, Gabe Erwin, and Mo Khan. Yet, that is only for the influencer side of Break’s business. They have also worked with Uber, Burger King, and the Oregon Ducks.

We feel Break’s success with its agents and clients is in the initial stage; we think they are going to make a big difference in this industry. Besides its ability to master growth and build audiences, Clients internationally turn to Break because of its ability to host a ton of other services at the same time. 

Some of the flagship services that Break also offers include Music Promotion, Collaborations on Break’s 300 million network, Influencer Personality management, and more! 

So if you require these services or need an agency that knows what they are doing, feel free to contact them on Instagram @break or their website at

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