13-Year-Old Professional Dancer Kameron Couch and Her Future Plans

Life has a funny way of moving us along. Some people don’t figure out their life for a long time. Others start earlier. For Kameron Couch, her career has started long before many even think about what they want to do with their lives. 

Kameron Couch is already accomplishing some of her dreams at the age of 13. Winning a national dance title at 8 years old just one year after starting to dance, and starring as one of the pros in the junior version of Dancing with the Stars, Kameron has accomplished things that many can’t even imagine. But with so much life left ahead of her, what’s next?

Kameron tells us that although seeing success early on in her life, she is still focused and spends much time on schooling. In the next five years, she hopes to find herself at Juilliard or USC School of Dance. Her current biggest long-term goal is to attend a top dance college and double major. With her hard work ethic and experience far beyond her years, Kameron has a good shot at achieving whatever she puts her mind to.

You can find Kameron on Instagram here:

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