More Westerners are Opting for One Rehab Thailand for its Luxurious Rehab Facilities

Addiction and mental illness are closely related. These two diseases are all about patterns. To break away from the circle, a person needs a change of location. That’s why more and more Westerners are now coming to One Rehab Thailand to get rid of their diseases.

It offers luxurious rehab facilities and it is often more affordable than the facilities back home. They offer world-class rehabilitation programmes to treat drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions, as well as mental health disorders.

This drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Thailand believes in using modern equipments of the west and holistic approach of the east. The perfect blend of both approaches leads to an effective recovery of the patients. Their treatment practices include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness meditation, private counselling, nutrition plans, and wellness therapies. They also offer comprehensive relapse prevention and aftercare, which prevents the patients from falling back into the toxic pattern.

One Rehab is an exclusive rehab centre because of which it houses only 6 people at a time. It has got plush beds and exotic surrounding, to make the people feel like they aren’t in a rehab but on a vacation. Moreover the entire place is plastic free, which is good for those who are eco – conscious.

The rehab works in a close association with Chiang Mai Ram hospital. There is always a team present in the campus. It includes an onsite doctor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist. They also offer 24/7 under nurse supervision , medical drug and alcohol detoxification.

Along with CBT and meditation treatments there are also other treatments like 12 Step Minnesota Model, trauma treatment and monk-led meditation. One rehab pays attention to minute details of recovery of the patients.

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