Solid State for Men Wayfarer, the Cologne Inspired by Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille; Does it Really Resemble “the real thing”?

Solid State for Men Wayfarer, the Cologne that has been manufactured after taking inspiration from Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille got introduced into the market a little ago. Its manufacturers claim it to be an effective product to offer the desired results. However, Solid State’s Wayfarer review available online highlights the other story.

After studying the review of TopDog PR, it has been observed that Solid State for Men Wayfarer doesn’t sound like a real thing. On analyzing the product based on various parameters, few shocking results have come forth that simply define the Cologne openly. The overall consensus from everyone who tested the cologne didn’t appreciate its smell to any level. And they simply described it as ‘smelling like baby powder’, ‘not resembling the ‘real thing’ at all’, and ‘smelling like hand cream’ an old lady used during the war.

Other than this, it didn’t even manage to impress its users on the parameter, ‘value of money’ and it is inefficient to offer positive results even if one pays off the heavy price labeled on its small container. While, if you use the other similar solid cologne from other reputed companies, there are far better options available at cheaper prices for grooming daily. Hence, Solid State for Men Wayfarer doesn’t offer good value for money.

And the saddest part is that the company website has not published honest reviews from experts and top reviewers offering their reviews. Solid State for Men Wayfarer Cologne does take into account an inspiration from Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille but it has nothing real to offer for men.

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