CareClinic Reports Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health Symptoms as the most tracked Symptoms

Symptom tracker app, CareClinic has used an array of tools such as a journal, calendar, and report with charts to track the basic symptoms responsible for an unhealthy body. Through anonymized patient data, it has found that pain, depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms as the most commonly tracked symptoms by patients.

CareClinic is the maker of patient engagement software solutions to help patients track and to minimize symptoms based on their care plan. This app is widely known as a premium app for self-care management among patients who use it as a symptom tracker app. CareClinic is available for Android and iPhone mobile users through the App Store.

People in large numbers are downloading this symptom tracker app to monitor their health and potentially minimize symptoms. CareClinic uses machine learning algorithms that alert users regarding triggers related to their symptoms. The app includes symptom calendar, symptom template log, and advanced symptom tracking to provide users with correlation reports, charts and logs.

The app is emerging as one of the most advanced symptom trackers available without needing a direct referral from a clinician. Apart from tracking health symptoms, CareClinic also allows patients to track nutrition, medication and physical activities. It helps manage many illnesses such as chronic pain, IBS, MS, Lyme disease, menopause, and depression.

The correlations report made by CareClinic allows users to determine if the symptoms are due to a certain food, allergies, and other health factors. Patients add a start and end data to symptoms and use it for reference as part of the personal health records. The success of the app has led many naturopaths, pharmacists and MDs to recommend CareClinic as a great way to manage patient health between professional care.

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