Best Smartwatch To Gift Christmas 2019: T1 Tact Watch MD vs Apple Series 5

New Tactical Smartwatch Rivals Apple’s Series 5 As Best Christmas Gift for 2019

Christmas is fast approaching and the number one question on everybody’s minds is: what gifts should I buy? A quick google search will return a seemingly endless list of gift ideas for every type of person. Although, one thing remains true– people always need to know the time. Among this year’s competitors for coolest gifts are the Apple Series 5 watch, and the T1 Tact Watch.

The Apple watch needs no introduction. Over the years it has steadily increased in popularity due to its modern design and wide array of functions. The company continuously pushes the definition and functionality of their watches. As a result, the Apple watch behaves more like a mini computer than a conventional timepiece. Despite Apple’s expensive marketing campaigns, there is one alternative which has largely remained absent from advertisements.

T1 Tact Watch

The T1 Tact Watch speaks for itself. Tactical experts designed the watch to provide all the functions of a smart watch with the toughness required in training. The newest edition called ‘Midnight Diamond’ is made from a very tough diamond-like carbon (DLC). This provides resistance from crushing force or heavy blows. Videos of the watch show hammers and axes striking the glass without leaving so much as a dent. The price however, is not what you would expect for the quality. 

Priced at just $79, the watch is as cost-competitive as it is strong. The company has stated that above all the watch had to be affordable. Moreover, the T1TW gives students and tactical career workers a cheaper option for their needs. But the low cost does not mean the creators skimped on features or durability.

Apple Watch Series 5

Considered a ‘luxury’ watch, the Apple series 5 starts at a whopping $500. The price is justified by the popularity of the watch as a result of its heavy advertising. Depending on the technical specifics however, the price can easily climb to $800. Consequently, you have to pay more for larger memory capacity and better accessories. One example is choosing more expensive stainless steel wristband over the standard band made of silicone.

Syncing the T1 Tact Watch with Smartphone Cameras

The T1TW gained popularity on social media with its smartphone triggering function. Youtubers and other internet sensations use the remote control on the watch to take video and pictures. For instance, prank and social experiment videos are typically filmed by controlling a hidden phone with the watch. The function supports Apple’s Iphone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones, creating interest for enthusiasts. 

The Apple Watch also has this feature, but it cannot sync with as many devices as the ‘Midnight Diamond’. Therefore, consumers may question paying up to 10 times more for a watch with less connectivity. 

Smartwatches for Exercise 

Smartwatches can be useful tools in aiding and monitoring exercise. Both the Apple watch and the T1TW offer plenty of features to use at the gym

The Series 5 offers a heart-rate monitor, onboard GPS tracking system, Cycle tracking, and noise meters. A super-fast S5 chip makes interchanging apps a speedy process. Most notably, the mp3 player allows you to Bluetooth your music straight to your ears from your wrist. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most attractive features of the Apple Watch. LED rings on the screen measure the wearer’s daily activity. This information is used to create and track health goals. However, the standard memory capacity is 32 GB which limits the amount of apps and music you can add.

The T1 Tact Watch contains all of the same features, with the exception of the music player. Aside from that, it also has a stopwatch, distance tracker, and step counter. Additionally, a sleep monitor in the watch helps to track sleep habits. A workout analysis app, similar to Apple’s LED rings, keep the wearer’s health in check. 

Beware of Fakes

The appeal of the T1TW and Series 5 make the watches prime targets for fraudsters. Chinese companies often produce low quality, similar-looking products and sell them cheaper. It is important to always make sure you are buying directly from the company or from a sponsored retail store. Also, you should learn to identify fake customer reviews.  Trut only the official twitter, instagram, and Facebook of the brand. 

Conclusion: Which to Buy?

The T1 Tact Watch is durable and has a classic design that won’t go out of style. Apple Watch, however popular, strays from the traditional watch look. This is ultimately a question of preference. But when price and durability are factors, the T1TW is a clear winner.

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