Three Ways To Get A Ripoff Report Removed From The Search Results

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RipOff Report can destroy a website and a business’s reputation. Here are some ways to remove it.

1. Take Charge Of The Search Results On Your Own

While getting negative search results removed is challenging, there are some steps that you can take on your own to mitigate the damage. Instead of trying to remove negative listings, it is a lot easier to suppress them. You can accomplish this by getting more positive or neutral information published about your business. This effectively pushes any negative information lower in the search results so that people are less likely to see it. Ideally, any negative results like the Ripoff Report should not be on the first page of the search results. If you can push listings like these far enough down that they show up on the second page, only 6% of users will see them.

Here is a good and more in depth guide on how to remove RipOff Report from Google Search results.

2. Work With A Company That Specializes In Search Engine Suppression

While you can pursue legal options for getting unwanted content removed, it is usually more effective to pursue suppression – particularly in the case of a Ripoff Report. You can find out more about whether or not suppression is a good choice for your circumstances in this article. If you have the money available, paying a company that specializes in search suppression could be a good way to improve your online reputation. While you could do some of the work on your own, it is easier and less time-consuming to leave it to the pros. This is particularly true if you are too busy to take on the challenge on your own or if your online reputation is already severely damaged.

3. File A Lawsuit And Injunction

From a legal perspective, the most cost-effective option is to file for injunctive alleviation through major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google. If you have a court order, the negative results will be removed from their search indexes.

Pursuing Legal Action For Monetary Damages

If you want to file a lawsuit that involves financial compensation for the damages your business suffered, be prepared to pay. Putting together a lawsuit like this is quite complicated. The suit itself is filed against the person who wrote the post. It is your responsibility to prove that what they said was false. With the help of our investigators, you can find the name of the person who wrote the post, even if they posted from behind a proxy server or using a fake email address.

Assuming that you are successful in your case, you will get an official court order stating that the information in the post is defamatory. From there, it is simply a matter of contacting the major search engines to let them know about the court order so that the content can be removed. We have instructions available for serving Bing, Yahoo, and Google with court orders.

Remember – once someone posts something on Ripoff Report, they no longer are allowed to remove it. Instead, Ripoff Report is solely responsible for removing the content.

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