What You Need To Know About Choosing and Using a VPN

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While a VPN may not be the turnkey solution to every threat you face to online privacy threats, there are some important benefits especially to those who have a habit of logging on through public Wi-Fi. So, given the importance of protecting sensitive information, how does one select the best VPN for their needs?

What is a VPN?

A VPN is like a secure sleeve or tunnel that encapsulates and encloses your connections between your PC, Mac, or device and the online connections you will be contacting. Through a hidden connection between your device and the VPN server you employ, your computer will act as if it is on the same internet connection where the VPN is located –– even if that location is on the other side of the planet. As far as websites are concerned, you are making a connection through the location of your VPN server, rather than your physical location.

Better yet, as you surf the web through your VPN connection all of the information travelling back and forth between your computer and the websites your visit will be encrypted and this ensures that no one –– not hackers or Government agencies –– will be able to see the information going back and forth. Any of the Mac VPNs on can help you keep secure.

Why should you have one?

The most important reasons are privacy of information and security from online threats. For example, if you will be using public Wi-Fi offered at an airport coffee shop, your information will be passing through a public network where activities can potentially be monitored by anyone else on the network.

But, if you use a VPN your information and digital activities will be kept safe. This means that all credit card information, private conversations and login credentials could potentially be seen by a third party. 

VPNs are also a good way of working around websites with geographical restrictions. If you will be visiting a foreign country where certain websites that you can access in US are restricted there, a VPN program can help you sneak around these restrictions and access your websites as if you were at home.

Which VPN should you choose?

Considering security and privacy must be protected and everyone is looking for this protection, VPN is a very popular item at the moment. Here are some things you should consider when you are trying to find a solution that will work for you.

1. Cost

There are VPNs available for free on line but these have some problems to consider. For one, they keep track of the activities that are being conducted on their servers and have many thousands of (financial) reasons to sell them to data brokers or cyber criminals.

But, maintaining a top of the line VPN is not a cheap activity, which means that a free option has to be making their cash somehow –– one way might be to place ads on your browser.

SurfEasy and StrongVPN are a couple of paid options that come with some advanced features and more robust configurations that afford you greater control. Prices will range accordingly and should be considered for their duration of service, and other important features. You can find some of these VPN services that allow the use of gift cards and other private payment methods.

2. Location

You should consider the physical locations your VPN service manages. If you are hoping to access websites available in the UK, a London based VPN server is what you need.

3. Capacity

Be sure to look over the fine print in the terms and services this system will operate. You need to know how much data is allotted to you and how many servers the provider is operating. Those that operate with many servers will have a greater capacity and be less likely reduce your internet speed and browsing capacity.

4. Device compatibility

Another important point is whether or not your VPN will have compatibility across a variety of device. You will want to ensure that the service you choose will be functional with your tablet, PC and any other mobile devices.

5. IP leaking

Even after you have selected what seem like a worthy option, you will want to pursue your investigation. Some of these VPN services may not be fully upgraded or present other flaws that diminish their efficacy. Fortunately, there are ways to check the efficacy of your VPN service. The site will allow you to track your own activities, if you see that it is showing you in your actual location while your VPN service has been activated, this is not a functional service.

VPNs are an essential component of digital security so if you aren’t sure which the right one for you is, feel free to consult our services now. We also offer a full set of cybersecurity services that ensure that no hacker or third party can access or see what you do online.

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