New York City School Buses will be GPS Tracked from the Start of the new Academic Year

Parents need not worry about their children’s whereabouts now since the school buses have GPS Trackers. In New York, all the public schools will have GPS Trackers from the start of the new academic session this year.

The city council partnered with Via and installed the equipment and created a new app that’s gonna track. It is installed in over 10,000 school buses. It is on the request of the parents that buses are GPS tagged.

Last year many parents complained about the delay and diversion of buses. And they had no information on what to do if that happened. This started panic in many of the parents. The Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza said that- “Through our partnership with Via, we’ll soon have a state of the art app for families to track buses and get real time automatic updates.”

He also said that they were grateful to the City Council’s Advocacy, whose leadership and partnership helped them. Now the city has safe and reliable transportation. It is crucial that all families know their children are safe. And the city council ensured it.

The parents as well as the students track the buses in real-time and they know the location of the buses. If there is any change in schedule of the bus then they are informed. Last year, many parents struggled to find their kids and their buses but this year the case is different.

Andy Chung is a parent who put a GPS tracker in her child’s book bag. She did so, because her school bus kept dropping her off at the wrong stop. So like she tagged her dog for safety, she also tracked her child.

But this year parents will have information about where the bus is, and won’t lose their children. Many a times the bus drivers take the wrong way and the kindergarteners walk to get to class. It is unfair and tiring for kids who want to go study.

The decision to install the buses with GPS trackers was taken in January by the New York City Council. And this happened right after the snowstorm in November that left buses stranded in traffic for hours. Even parents couldn’t reach their kids. It was chaos.

Now there is STOP- Student Transportation Oversight Package. This takes care of the GPS systems, two way radio devices and also keeping a track of the school bus. It will report any delays or incidents in the student’s buses.

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