Mirrex Makeup Mirror Ends the Search for Perfect Makeup Lighting

kaboompics / Pixabay

Mirrex smart makeup mirror is getting popular for the use of smart technology to help ladies do their makeup in an effective manner. The lighting feature of the mirror allows ladies to apply makeup even on the darkest night. With the help of its photographic-style ring lighting, it is possible for ladies to clearly see the different areas to apply the makeup with high precision.

Angel Lux, the lighting source creates a better lighting effect to see every area of the skin in a clear way. Basically, Angel Lux is a jewelry display-grade light source with the LED light design based on skin-color rendering to help mirror reflect coloring in an effective way.

The lighting feature of the mirror can also be utilized to take selfies at any time of the day. And the additional light can be used during Snapchatting and Instagramming sessions. Mirrex makeup mirror also allows a user to adjust the light by making use of simple controls on it. In addition to this, the mirror also has an extendable smartphone tripod stand which makes it easier to take photos with the friends while holding the phone. With the use of the Tripod, Mirrex can provide illumination while taking photos with the smartphone.

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