Abnormal Pap Smear and its Effect

As a woman, you surely have had your good share of pap tests. As you know a Pap test is to determine any cancerous tendency regarding the cervix. However, if you get an abnormal pap and pregnancy result, it might be a cause of danger but most of the time it’s far from any looming danger.

It can always come to your mind that can a pap smear determine pregnancy. So here we have covered the important things about abnormal pap smear during pregnancy for your convenience.

It’s a normal test during pregnancy

Pap test is very normal and but it can come to your mind, can a pap smear be abnormal due to pregnancy. There are so many words out there that pap smear can end up in miscarriage or can result in something complicated during pregnancy. However, that’s far from the case and pap smear can be taken during pregnancy and it causes limited harm and that only includes a small amount of bleeding. Because it’s the test that happens in the cervix and this very place is connected with blood, s the bleeding can happen. This bleeding is far from any threat.

Abnormal pap smear

A pap smear result for pregnant women is a thing that so many are concerned with, and if the test is abnormal that means there might be the presence of cancer cells. As you know in the test looks for any abnormal cells in the cervical area, and if found some of them it’s certainly a matter of concern. Except for cancer, it can be an indicator of infection. So if you get an abnormal pap smear, your doctor will tell you about this and will recommend the next steps to take.

Pap test during pregnancy

If you get an abnormal pap smear pregnant, your doctor might tell you to get a colposcopy. This test magnifies the cervix more carefully and seeks out the reason for the abnormal test result. Most of the cases there are fewer chances of finding any risky news, but it can always happen that there are cancer cells. Whatever the case is, your doctor will always guide you and tell you about the treatment you have to follow.

If it’s a cervical cancer

Although there are fewer chances of having cervical cancer during pregnancy, and its chances are 1 in every 10,000 pregnant mothers, it’s still a threat. If anyone gets diagnosed with cervical cancer during pregnancy they have to go through several tests and then the treatment will depend on the stages of cancer. Cervical cancer depending on the stage of it, sometimes pregnant mothers have to compromise with their pregnancy. This cancer has chances that it can spread from the cervix to other places.

The risk for the baby

There is a very low risk for the baby if you have an abnormal pap smear. In so many cases the cells are washed away when you are in your labor. If the doctor suspects something critical which can affect the baby, he or she will suggest you get a c section delivery, but this case is very rare.

Get a pap smear test during pregnancy without fearing its outcome. It will always give you a clear passage for your pregnancy and you can be all stress-free.

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