How to Get More Spotify Streams as an Unsigned Artist

The music streaming is growing day by day and Spotify is a giant music streaming network with 100 million paying subscribers. It is a great place to grow your following and promote your music skills. Although streaming is a great way to showcase your skills it is very challenging for an unsigned artist to stand out on this biggest platform. If you are also an unsigned artist on Spotify then you may have a lot of difficulties to gain more Spotify plays. That’s why a lot of people prefer to buy Spotify plays. Today, we will discuss some important tips that will help you to generate more Spotify plays and fan base being an unsigned artist.    


First off, submit your music to Spotify. But you don’t upload music for free of costs such as YouTube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud. If you want to distribute your music on this mega music forum via record label and distribution service like TuneCore, DistroKid, etc. The distribution services help the artists for their distribution and licensing of their music. The good thing is that these services also give you payment when you get more Spotify plays. Furthermore, a lot of distributors offers a number of services, resources, and tools for artists. In other words, they provide everything for your music. You can sell your music and earn a lot of money. You need to do a little research before choosing any distribution services. 


If you have signed in to Spotify then it is vital to create a verified profile for the artist. Verified artists can access the tools that help them to manage their playlists and profiles. When an unsigned artist becomes a verified artist then it helps to boost your authority and odds of getting noticed by curators of Spotify playlists. If you want to get verified on Spotify, access Spotify for artists which are open for all musicians and artists. When you get verifies on Spotify, you will get blue profile checkmark, access fan insights or analytics, and promotion tools, access to customize profile bio and profile photo and even artist can send their newly released track to the editorial team of Spotify.


The biggest drivers of getting more Spotify plays with buying Spotify plays are charts. There are millions of people who love to hear playlists. The reason is that most of the playlists are theme based and describe the genre of music. However, it is difficult that your music gets a feature on the popular playlists of Spotify when you just started out your music career on this mega platform.


When you are new to Spotify then it is better to sign up for Spotify Ad studio and buy Spotify plays to get more exposure, credibility and tons of new fans. Using Spotify Ad Studio, artists can create and run their ad campaigns on Spotify.  

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