Trauma Release Exercises – Benefits of TRE Therapy

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Have you ever encountered any traumatic situation in your life? Almost everyone experiences some bad events in one’s life that leave one in psychological trauma. Do you want me to suggest a solution to effectively deal with this psychological problem? The answer is trauma release exercise or you can call it TRE exercises or therapy.

By a traumatic event, we mean anything that seems life-threatening. Many a time, we often encounter difficult and challenging phases in our lives that leave a bad impression on our minds. It not just affects our mental and emotional health, but also inhibit our physical growth to some extent. After facing such life-threatening events, our body enters a state of trauma which is reflected through many symptoms.

Symptoms of Trauma in a Body

Whenever our body enters a traumatic state then it shows some symptoms by working in an abnormal fashion. Here, we have mentioned some of the symptoms which might indicate trauma in your body. After noticing any of these symptoms, you must not ignore them and start participating in trauma release exercises to live a healthy life.

  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Nightmares
  • Mental or Physical Distress
  • Increment in Fight or Flight Response
  • Chronic Muscle or body Pain
  • Amnesia
  • Panic Attacks

Reasons for Psychological Trauma

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is not surprising to experience psychological trauma due to some bad events or incidents in life. There are plenty of reasons behind the increasing stress and anxiety in a body. Trauma can originate from addiction, a bad relationship, bullying, inappropriate behavior by others, ignorance from loved ones, sexual misconduct, death in the family and car accidents. All these situations leave everyone in a distressed state of mind which also impacts a person physically and emotionally.

Benefits of TRE Therapy

TRE stands for trauma/tension release exercises that simply help a person to remove stress and tension from his body due to exposure to life-threatening situations. While doing TRE exercises, a participant simply goes through the muscle shaking process to feel relaxed and lively. TRE therapy offers a lot of advantages to people and some of the benefits of trauma release exercises are mentioned below:

Reduces Physical Pain

One of the prime benefits of TRE therapy is that it is effective in reducing physical pain in the body by reducing the stress and anxiety from the body. TRE helps to break the connection between trauma and physical pain to help a person feel relaxed in the face of daily life challenges. It eventually contributes to healing the body in an easy manner.

Improves the Immune System

Stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other types of disorders due to trauma lead to the weakening of the immune system of a body. This can present many diseases such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and many other medical conditions. However, with the help of tension releasing exercise, it becomes possible to relax the body and improves the autoimmune conditions of the body. It eventually contributes to reducing the chances of falling a victim to chronic diseases in the long run.

Improvement in Sleep Quality and Stability

The regular practice of TRE exercises simply leads to reducing the stress and anxiety from the body. And it simply makes it possible for everyone to relax comfortably without worrying in the face of any challenging situation in life. If the condition of unrest left untreated then it could give birth to many severe medical conditions in the old age.

More Emotional Resilience

It has been found that TRE participants develop greater emotional resilience in their bodies that allows them to remain stable in the face of any difficult situation in their life. It becomes possible for them to avoid reacting due to triggers while facing difficult situations or annoying people in daily routine. This simply increases the ability of a person to deal with many life challenges in a simple manner.

Increases Energy and Endurance

Another way in which trauma release exercises benefit the body is by increasing the energy and abundance in the body. By reducing the stress and anxiety, it contributes to raising the energy levels in the body that helps a person to do more work in a daily routine. It not just improves the overall performance of a person but also makes him feel happy about himself.

Other Benefits:

In addition to the about mentioned benefits of tension releasing exercises, there are many other ways in which a person can get benefitted due to TRE exercises. Follow are some other benefits that one can get by following TRE therapy at some point in their life:

  • Better Marital Relationships and More Happiness
  • High Flexibility in the Body
  • Lowers Workplace Stress
  • Cures Old Injuries and Reduces the Chances of Future Medical Conditions
  • Relief from Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Improvement in Overall lifestyle

So, these are some of the ways in which trauma release exercises can help a person feel better in his life. Such trauma releasing exercises improves the overall situation of a person and regular participation in TRE exercises can solve emotional as well as mental issues in a limited time.

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