Bristol Airport to Open Free Drop Off and Taxi Waiting Area to Increase Passengers Load

Bristol, England – Bristol Airport is going to open a free drop off and taxi waiting area to avoid problems faced by visitors. Visitors have earlier raised their voice against high parking fees in the airport due to which rented taxis have to wait outside roads and lanes to get the customers.

In response to the issues faced by people and taxi owners, Bristol airport authorities have decided to open an on-site waiting area for taxis alongside a free drop off zone. The decision would be beneficial for personal vehicle operator and car rental service provider including Yeovil taxi service, which provides fast taxi services in Yeovil and to Bristol airport.

Currently, the airport’s vehicle parking area services are managed by Express Drop Off, which charges 1 Pound Sterling for 10 minutes stay. The move is also a part of the planning to increase the number of passengers in the airport by increasing the taxi services of different operators, including Yeovil taxis.

Bristol airport can handle 10 million passengers in a year. By lowering the parking fees and introducing free drop zones, Taxis Yeovil and other operators can increase their services to help the airport achieve the target to handle 12 million passengers a year by the mid of 2020.

Siman Earles is Planning & Sustainability Director at Bristol Airport; he said, “We have listened to feedback from our neighbors, and this commitment to introduce an on-site waiting area for taxis and a free drop-off facility for private vehicles shows we are taking the issues they have raised seriously.”

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