What Storage West has in Store for its Customers

For many Americans, getting a storage unit is a necessity not a choice. With the idea to rent a storage unit, dozens of concerns tag along as well. And it makes sense, too, since storing personal belongings is like storing a part of oneself. 

There are so many questions one asks before getting a storage unit. “Is the company reliable?” “Are my belongings safe?”  For peace of mind, the ultimate need is to get in touch with a company that is reliable, secure, and safe. People in the southwestern U.S. are lucky since Storage West is close by.

Founded more than 40 years ago, Storage West is a logical solution for every customer on the lookout for a storage unit. The company has developed some unique benefits and services for its customers.


In 1978, the company started as A1 Storage with just three Nevada locations.  Over more than four decades, this modest start became a large enterprise with 59 locations in four states. 

The company began by spreading its operations to two California locations in Orange and Fullerton. Upon expansion, the name was also changed from A1 Storage to California Self Storage. In 1985, the company’s first new storage building was built in Anaheim, California, and within a few years, six more storage sites were launched.

As the customer demand increased, California Self Storage acquired more sites in California and Arizona. Eventually, the company’s name was updated to the more appropriate, Storage West.   The expansion continued when the company bought eight locations from IOF Storage. 

After this, an expansion campaign saw the purchase or construction of 15 new locations. This included their first Texas location, taking their business model into the Lone Star State.  Storage West later opened six more storage sites in Texas. 

As of 2020, Storage West has more than 16 locations in Arizona, including Phoenix. There are 13 locations in three Nevada cities, including Las Vegas, seven locations in Texas, including Houston, and more than 23 locations in California.


Dedicated to service and choice, Storage West provides a quality storage experience for its customers. From accessibility to discount programs, Storage West offers solutions to all storage needs.

To suit the variety of people who store belongings, Storage West offers self-storage units in a range of different sizes.  Some units can easily accommodate RV, cars, and even boats. Additionally, companies can use these self-storage units to warehouse products or supplies.

Aside from size, these units are also diverse in types. With key elements such as outdoor, drive-up, air conditioned and air-cooled storage, the company provides everything a customer needs. People can purchase Storage West packing supplies that are more durable and more useful than the ones found at hardware chains or department stores. 

Home movers can opt for the company’s move-in truck and use it for up to seven hours for free during business hours. There are no extra fees, and the perk includes a tank of gas.

The ‘Here-For-You Guarantee’ is a service upgrade with a number of perks.  Eliminating the need to get insurance, the program includes insurance-like coverage for a renter’s belongings.

This approach to self storage, which provides an array of services, is meant to exceed customer expectations.       The Storage West customer-centered, technology-enhanced model for business growth has driven the demand for continued expansion of existing and new locations.

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