Why You Need to Forge Relationships with Every Employee

Relationships in work are important. Maintaining a good relationship among staff can foster a healthy environment and make workers more inclined to try their best and be more engaged with what they are doing. On the contrary, a bad relationship can isolate an individual and cause issues such as poor teamwork and poor motivation, meaning that regardless of skill, they won’t be a good asset to the business.

There are many different ways to build good work relationships, such as dishing out praise, handling queries, being friendly and inclusive, as well as many other things. Therefore, it can be really beneficial to a business if leaders make the effort to foster a good relationship with their employees. Here are a few good reasons why.

They’ll Be More Productive

Building a good relationship with your employees will most likely make them more engaged with the business as well as their roles. This means they’re more inclined to work harder and procrastinate less, which can make them more efficient. In other words, they can get through more tasks, and hopefully by default, make them more profitable.

By fostering a good relationship, the employee will be more settled, comfortable, and happy in their role — which leads to better output — compared with an employee who feels isolated from their managers. There are ways you can monitor your employee satisfaction through means such as employee surveys or erm software solutions from XCD, which can provide a wide array of HR solutions.

It’ll Encourage More Communication

Building a good relationship with employees will help them feel more comfortable coming to you with queries, suggestions, and ideas, as it breaks down that barrier between management and staff. This can be really beneficial as increased communication means that staff will have a better understanding of what they’re supposed to do and how to do it. It will also encourage suggestions and increase idea generation which has the potential to give you interesting insights to make more informed decisions as well as create something new and intuitive.

It Increases Retention Rate

Building good relationships with employees can create a better atmosphere in the work environment and stop individuals from feeling isolated and ignored. Building this positive vibe can be really helpful in preventing talented staff from leaving, meaning that you get to keep hold of skilled individuals for longer, as well as improve your retention rate.

Maintaining a good retention rate is important as a higher percentage is suggestive of a better working environment, which will then make your company more attractive to highly skilled candidates. It also means that you won’t have to spend as much time and resources recruiting and training new individuals, allowing you to save money.

It Boosts Teamwork

As a team leader, building a good relationship with your employees as well as trying to foster good relationships between them will help make everyone work better in a team. It means that people can be more effective and efficient when dealing with collaborative tasks.

Getting to know your employees and building a good relationship where you are aware of their strengths and weaknesses can also help you allocate the right task to the right people, making you a better manager and leader.

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