22 Year Old Artist From Tampa, OA Marq, is Riding the Wave of Success Across the World

OA MARQ was practically born with a mic in his hands.

Growing up, music was one of the only things that he enjoyed. Disillusioned by the usual things like school and sports he worked diligently on paving his path as an artist, much at the dismay of his mother who wanted him to go to college.

He notes music is the only thing that gives him peace – opening doors for him that he never would have known if he took the normal 9 – 5 worker route. He started taking music more seriously during his sophomore year of high school, and almost got signed to a label, even ending up homeless for a while.

It’s been a rocky road for sure, but the thrill of touring around the world and wowing crowds far and wide makes it all worth it for the young artist.

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