Swyft Filings Grants Five Companies $1,000 To Help With COVID-19 Related Losses

Swyft Filings, a company that helps businesses get off the ground by streamlining the business formation process, has recently announced it’s Swyft Gives Back grant winners. After evaluating  200 deserving submissions Swyft settled on 5 companies to award their $1,000 grant to each. Check up the roundup below of these awesome companies!

America’s Gleaned Seafood

America’s Gleaned Seafood is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission to reduce hunger by connecting the commercial fishing industry to local food banks. Every year, millions of pounds of perfectly safe and nutritious seafood are discarded for reasons of being “unmarketable.” New Jersey’s AGS helps feed hungry people by ensuring that seafood left after the harvest can be donated instead of wasted.

Team K9

Team K9 uses specially trained explosive-detecting dogs to help keep people safe at major venues, including concerts, sporting events, and tech conferences. These hero dogs have even done security at Coachella and the NBA Championships. Unfortunately, social distancing means that most of these big events have been delayed or canceled, cutting off the team’s main stream of revenue. Swyft’s grant will be used to feed nine large, hungry hero dogs and pay for some badly-needed vet bills.

Live Give Save Foundation

Live Give Save Foundation’s goal is to help nonprofits generate donations by using new technology. Their mobile app provides people with an easy way to give to the causes they care about and invite family and friends to join them in amplifying social good. Swyft’s grant will be used for market research and matched by a grant from the State of Minnesota, doubling its impact.

Lave Wash

Lave Wash Laundry Delivery is a small, eco-friendly, family-owned business operating out of Fairfield, California. The company has lost many clients due to the coronavirus shutdown but continues to service a core of elderly and disabled clients that depend on Lave. For many of these clients, doing laundry is challenging or impossible. The grant lets Lave purchase badly-needed supplies and helps them continue to serve those most in need.

City Lights Gateway

The City Lights Gateway Foundation is a nonprofit community organization based in Harbor City, California. In October 2019, they established their own food pantry and started providing food boxes to 50 families per week. With the economic hardships imposed upon the community by COVID-19, that number has quadrupled.  They still provide for their community, but depleted financial resources mean they pay for everything out of pocket. City Lights will use their Swyft grant for food, fuel, truck rental, and personal protective equipment to ensure safe food handling.

Swyft will be highlighting these winners and more, over the next few weeks on their Learning Center so make sure to check it out.

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