Indie Card Game, Too Many Turtles Saves Endangered Sea Turtles

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‘Too Many Turtles’, an exciting new card game is making available an innovative way for gamers and conservationists in order to save turtles while playing the game and in real life too. The new game from Trei Amici Games will be unveiled on this Valentine’s Day i.e., on February 14 at a price of $25.

Chris DeGregorio, Head of Product Development and Design at Trei Amici Games has revealed that humans are destroying the other species and creating the ecological imbalance on the planet earth. And the game “Too Many Turtles” is an effort to save the planet earth and restore its ecological balance to some extent. The Campaign Video and the Kickstart Pre-Launch Page of the gaming company have updated all the important information about the work of the company to save turtles.

The gaming company, Trei Amici Games has partnered with the Non-Profit organization, SEE Turtles to work on this cause. Along with the support of SEE Turtles, it has also got the help of many creators who really want to make a positive impact in the real world by conserving turtles. There are many exciting features and benefits available with the game, Too Many Turtles to help people develop an interest in playing this game.

According to Trei Amici Games spokesperson, Too Many Turtles has a real impact on turtle populations and it is too easy for every player to grasp game mechanics. Many talented artists have contributed a lot in developing this excellent game to conserve turtles. Brad Nahill, President and Co-Founder of SEE Turtles has expressed that their organization’s main focus is to help community organizations work for protecting hatchlings from poachers and predators.

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