Edutech Startup Sikhami is Allowing Coaching Institutes and Students to Connect with Each Other

Shikhami, the Edutech startup, is allowing coaching institutes and students to connect with each other through its online platform. There are two separate applications introduced by Sikhami for coaching institutes and students to help them enjoy the batch booking service through the online platform. It is possible for coaching institutes to manage all the data related to students on a single online platform without making any addition manually in a register.

Through the Sikhami app for coaching institutes, it is possible to add different batches for over 80 categories of learning courses. And with the help of another Student Sikahmi app, it is simply possible for students to register their courses in order to enroll for a particular academic course. Sikhami is an excellent online platform for both coaching institutes and students.

Institute owners can simply share the link of the app with interested students to invite them for the batch booking process. Once a new batch for a particular course is updated on the teacher’s Sikhami app, it starts appearing on another Sikhami app for students. In this manner, students can click on a batch icon to see the details related to content and course fee.

Sikhami app has a beautiful and easy to use interface that both teachers, as well as students, can utilize in order to connect with each other in easy steps. With the application of filters, students can simply compare different institutes and batches before selecting a particular one for themselves.

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