Hard Drive Degaussing is Becoming Necessary for Businesses Today

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Technology is enabling businesses to process a wide range of datasets such as storing credit card details, address information and payments related to products. Health organizations are storing most of the data. In the UK it has been estimated recently that the country’s National Health Service is worth over £9.6 billion a year due to the one million employees that handle millions of patients’ data. The businesses are continuously storing such kind of data on hard drives. But recent scams about data breach have shown that even empty hard drives can be easily retrieved to access the previous data. Hence the number of businesses are considering hard drive degaussing necessary to stay safe from data theft.

Businesses losing data through hard drive retrieve process are facing many difficulties. They are paying huge fines under the General Data Prevention Regulation (GDPR) of their respective country. In addition, they are also paying the amount to the scammers who are breaching the data. Many companies have not hired data protection officers and some are unaware of the risk about how improper data erase in hard drives can harm their business.

But some intelligently operated businesses are understanding the need of data protection and looking for hard drive degaussing service providers. Verity Systems services are most adopted regarding the hard drive degaussing. The company is working with many businesses to help implement data protection. Apart form hard drive degaussing, the Verity Systems is expert in Data Destruction Auditor. Verity Systems’ degaussing tools erase hard drive data magnetically and the hard drives become dead, which means they can not be used in the future.

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