Asian Markets Edged Before US-China Trade Talks

Asia-Pacific market stock increased before the US-China trade talks in Shanghai. Investors awaited developments from the trade talks which edged up the Asia Pacific stock. And the Central bank of Japan announced its decision to keep monetary policy in a steady state.

The stock indexes in the Asia Pacific region witnessed an increment. The Nikkei 225 in Japan increased by 0.43% and closed at 21,709.31. And the Topix Index finished its trading tray at 1,575.58 with an addition of 0.45% to it. In the Chinese market, the Shanghai Composite added 0.39% and the Shenzhen composite gained 0.452%.

Following Beijing’s decision to firmly support the city’s embattled leader Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index also witnessed a jump of 0.24% in the initial hours of trading. And the Chinese tech giant Tencent’s shares took a jump of 0.75% after the company announced its cooperation with Qualcomm on the gaming device and 5G.

Kospi, the South Korean stock index rose 0.45% and closed at 2,038.68 after a decline on Monday. The shares of index heavyweight Samsung Electronics gained by 0.98%. In the Australian region, the S&P/ASX 200 increased by 0.28% to end at 6,845.10. And the MSCI Asia ex-Japan index added 0.21% in the stock market.

Due to the rise in the indexes of the Asia-Pacific region, the various trading platform has been receiving huge traffic. The day trading on Oanda has also witnessed a high jump and the positive Oanda review really helped the visitors to flock to this online trading platform to invest their money.

The US-China trade talks are going to take place in Shanghai in the current week and it is expected that the two economic powerhouses would reach a deal in order to end a trade dispute between them.

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