The new French Talents of Music will now have a new issue called Outsiders created by Jimmy Boss

Jimmy Boss, his real name, is a young entrepreneur of 25 years old.  He rubbed shoulders internally with the music industry from a very young age, in particular thanks to Mister V, famous French YouTuber who decided to get into music, more particularly in rap. After finishing his internship at Hey Pelo Records, Mister V’s label, as well as his studies in business school in entrepreneurship and marketing, he decides to set up his own artist management company and record label : SDW Management & SDW Records. And as if these two revolutionary companies were not enough to revolutionize the music industry, Jimmy Boss talks to us about his brand new project : outsiders

What is ? is an Instagram page designed to find new talents while allowing them to get rewards and visibility. This is a strong means of marketing and circular development for SDW records, which will then be able to sign new artists much more easily.

When are you going to create this page ?

We plan to launch our first contest once our marketing and business is 100% in place. If I were to give you a date it would surely be around April 2020.

What will set you apart from other equivalent competitions that already exist?

We offer a large sum of money for the winner, about five times more than our biggest competitor. In the medium term we plan to offer the complete production of a music video to the winning artist of the month. In the long term we want to offer opportunities to sign with major agencies and / or record labels according to the artist’s expectations. But we also plan to offer first parts at big concerts and at festivals.

Of course outside of all this, we are around this project in order to identify and discuss with the artists in whom we believe the most in order to, why not, work with them within SDW Management and SDW Records.

Follow him on Instagram @outsider and

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