Emilia Clarke reveals her Favourite Teenage Body Spray

Emilia Clarke, the “Game of Thrones” actress has revealed about her favorite teenage body spray. She talked about her must-have beauty products when she was in her teenage. While sharing about her favorite beauty products, Emilia said she would use limited edition scent range “Impulse body sprays” from Spice Girls which had a smell of “sugar and boys”.

The 32-year-old “Game of Thrones” actress has said that it was her mother who made her acquainted with a variety of beauty products at such a young age. Also, she revealed that her mother taught her the techniques to make-up and showing to the world as you haven’t put anything on the face. Emilia said that she follows all the beauty techniques of her mother even today. She shared that her mother taught her to look stylish with makeup without looking creepy in her teenage years.

While sharing his thoughts with Stylist magazine, Emilia Clarke said she used to have an Impulse body spray of the Spice Girls edition during her teenage years. Further, she said in today’s time, a huge number of people go for this body spray in today’s time but at that time, it was a limited edition and her along with her friends purchased 10 body sprays each. Emilia also shared that as a teenager, sugar and boys are the two things which everyone is living off. Emilia said that only applying beauty products on the face would not do the job as there should be a charm on the face which comes from within. She said that laughter is a must for everyone to look beautiful as it shows the natural beauty of a person which could attract anyone.

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