Naveed Sherwani: What Makes Up a Thriving Business

There is no doubt behind the goals of most business owners – they want to have a successful business that will allow them to reach their highest potential or even make life easier for them at work. But this pursuit of success makes us often forget to focus on some of the important things that serve as the catalyst of business prosperity. 

There are a few business owners who have talked about their success strategies and the action they took to improve the progress of their business. An ideal example of such an individual is none other than Naveed Sherwani, who is popularly known for being a Pakistani-American semiconductor industry veteran, researcher, author, and serial entrepreneur. 

He served at Intel in design technology in 1993, working on designing and deploying Athena, which is a complete chip development platform that immensely enhanced the automation process of many microprocessor projects – leading Sherwani to be awarded with the ‘Intel Achievement’ award in 1997. 

He also founded and served as the President, CEO, and Chairman of PeerNova – a prestigious company focused on technology solutions based in blockchain technology. His other establishments include founding the Brite Semiconductor in China in 2008 – a company serving as a leading provider in China/APAC, where money was raised from leading VCs and Gobi ventures. 

In addition to that, Sherwani and his wife founded United We REACH (UWR) so that it could encourage educational equity all over Pakistan by providing students with scalable and quality education solutions within a socioeconomically stressed demographics. And it is through this platform that Sherwani ensures that students are able to enhance their educational potentials across Pakistan and make full use of UWR facilities. 

And as a leading businessman in the professional world, here are a few fundamentals of business she has shared with the public. 

Fostering Productive Work Environment 

Before starting off with any marketing endeavours, it is crucially important to focus on how things are within your business environment. If you want to keep your employees thriving in their productive element, you have to give them the proper space to do so. 

Keeping people on board and attracting new talent requires you to invest in a good office culture – a place where people feel welcomed, appreciated and where their ideas can be taken into consideration. 

Connecting With Audience Preferences 

Your business truly starts when you familiarise yourself with your target audience. Therefore, start investing in the market and conduct an in-depth understanding of how to effectively approach these people and compare data on different market approaches. Once you have that figured out, you can start making better decisions about how to reach out to them and launch your marketing strategy. 

Preparing For the Unpredictable 

In the business world, nothing is predictable – you might be gaining a lot of revenue one day, but the next day, it might just stop happening. 

That is exactly why it is essential for business owners not to get so surprised when things do not turn out the way they have planned. Focus on setting realistic expectations and making the most out of the situations in front of you to really make a positive difference in your business approach.

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