Businesses are dynamic entities that are not meant to be in a stagnant state. A state of inertia may be positive in some situations but never in terms of a business. This means growth is the beat that all businesses dance to. Attaining growth, be it steady and gradual or sudden and meteoric, is always the bottom line that businesses are built for. Although the more organic the growth is, the more long-lasting it is. A business must constantly keep working at streamlining and right-sizing all its functions to attain organic growth.

This streamlining should be an umbrella process, encompassing the entire organization. The synchronicity of changes ensures that no stone is left unturned, and no department gets left behind. Only in such a manner can the positive implications of the changes be enjoyed by a business. And once a business steps into the next level of evolution in terms of growth, the sophistication of the steps required to continue that growth also needs to ramp up. The first thing that businesses need to do is assess the competition. 

If the competition is stiff, there is a greater need for more novel ideas. Although uniqueness isn’t a prerequisite for growth, special circumstances demand more dynamic measures. So, the more novel an approach a business adopts, the better the chances of gaining an edge against the competition. And what is more novel than adopting an out-of-the-box approach? Thinking outside the box is imperative in a competitive situation where there is no option other than moving forward. 

When businesses explore novel ideas that are not only creative but also unique and are bound to break the mold of traditional thinking, they are setting themselves up for success. Sometimes there is a need to slightly bend the accepted rules of thinking to gain an edge, as conventional rules of thinking can sometimes stand in the way of progress. Once a business embraces such an approach, it moves in the right direction. But it isn’t always possible for a business to divert precious resources in order to come up with such profound changes in its modus operandi. 

Businesses can partner with a consultancy to help them develop and implement such a radical change to counter this situation. Consultancies can help businesses in all aspects, from management to operations. Consultancies free up the business to focus on growth while analyzing the business to identify areas that can be improved. These consultant agencies are driven by the experiences and expertise of visionaries that understand the needs of businesses. One such visionary is Alex Sharpe.

Alex Sharpe has a vast combined experience in the critical fields of cybersecurity, risk management, and P&L leadership. While businesses overlook these fields, they are extremely relevant to a modern business’s survival in the modern business landscape. This is precisely the reason behind most businesses struggling today in these fields. This is why visionaries like Alex Sharpe can prove to be important allies for businesses today.

Born in Nutley, NJ, Alex Sharpe is an American cybersecurity and risk management practitioner with real-world operational experience. He is the Principal at Sharpe Management Consultancy LLC. Sharpe Management Consultancy LLC provides services in the areas of Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Complex Program Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A). Because of his experience in running Global Operations and P&L leadership, he has a proven track record in helping businesses embrace innovations and, as a result, attain a boost in productivity, and automation of processes, launch new services and enter new markets. 

With more than three decades of a profound experience in privacy and cybersecurity with real-world operational experience, Alex Sharpe has helped both large corporations and government agencies alike to embrace advanced technology and attain digital transformation. With such in-depth industry knowledge, Alex Sharpe understands the intricacies of operational effectiveness, cybersecurity, and business realities.

Currently a member of the board of BWG Strategy, Alex Sharpe received his BSEE in Computer Engineering with minors in Mathematics and Computer Science in 1986 from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Later, Alex Sharpe secured his Master’s in Program/Project Management, Operations Management, and Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 1995. And in 2018, the Columbia Business School bestowed Alex Sharpe with two merit awards.

In 1986, Alex Sharpe’s professional career began when he joined the NSA as a Systems Engineer. After leaving the NSA, he established practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. Alex Sharpe subsequently co-founded the Hackett Group and subsequently became the vice president of Global Operations at eForce. Then in 2019, Alex Sharpe ventured into the world of mentoring technology startups. He has helped multiple startups solidify their presence in the technology sector.

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