Is Laser Hair Removal the Best Way to Remove Hair?

Some people remove hair from different body parts, including legs, bikini area, underarms, and face. Besides improving aesthetics, hair removal also has health benefits as it prevents dirt from sticking to the hair, thus also preventing infection and odor. The skin also absorbs skincare products better. There are various ways to remove hair, including shaving, plucking, waxing, and threading. Laser hair removal is another option. People have different preferences, so their choice may vary regarding the greatest method to use. However, we can safely say that laser is one of the best ways to remove hair for the following reasons:

It’s precise

An industrial laser hair removal machine uses advanced technology to treat certain areas accurately. So, whether you need treatment in a small or big area of the body, these machines have settings that could accommodate that. Moreover, it can be adjusted so that the laser precisely removes the hair and target the hair follicle to prevent or delay hair growth.

The effect lasts longer

The initial treatment often requires four to eight sessions within six months. Then, you should see the result within one to two weeks after the last session. After that, you can enjoy smooth skin for six to twelve months, which is longer than other methods like plucking and waxing. There are even instances when hair is permanently removed and doesn’t return.

There’s minimal to zero discomfort

A topical anesthetic is usually applied to the target area to reduce the discomfort you might feel during the process. Moreover, the doctor may use a cooling gel or device to minimize the heat you may feel from the laser. After the procedure, the doctor will give instructions to prevent side effects, like preventing sun exposure and using harsh exfoliants.

It saves time and money

Many think that getting laser hair removal is expensive. However, there are affordable options if you look around. Moreover, if you think about the money you spend to remove your hair using other methods, like wax, razor, and shaving cream, the total cost might be even more since you need to purchase them more frequently.  

It’s low maintenance

As mentioned, you can enjoy smoother skin for six to twelve months after your last treatment or even longer. You only have to get another session once the hair starts to go back, and once done, you don’t have to do it for several months again. With the other methods, maintenance is a challenge because hair grows within a short amount of time.

Prevents ingrown hair

When the hair starts to grow again, it could cause tiny bumps on the skin, which can be painful and itchy. Although they often go away on their own, they are uncomfortable and could get infected. If you follow a regular schedule for your laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Make sure that you are only dealing with a professional doctor who is experienced in providing laser hair removal services to ensure the safety and efficiency of the treatment.

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