“Spotify is here to stay, it is not going anywhere,” says DJ PED1NE

The variety of online music platforms while being refreshing, at times, can be confusing because one does not know which one to choose and invest his time and money on. We sat down briefly with Pedram Nematzade, known as DJ PED1NE to learn his favorite online platforms. “While online music platforms are all good in their own rights, I like some better,” says DJ PED1NE. Here is a list of DJ PED1NE’s top favorite online music platforms:

  1. Spotify. Spotify tops the list for DJ PED1NE because it is a platform that makes it easy to share your music and other audio contents, like podcasts, in a highly diverse platform while being able to make money from your shared content. “If there is one place that I always go first when I want to search for a new track, it is Spotify,” says DJ PED1NE. “Spotify is here to stay, it is not going anywhere.” When asked about the probability of Spotify being replaced by a new platform, PED1NE states that he believes Spotify is a complete application as it is and needs no major improvement. That is why, it is hard to create and introduce another platform that could replace it. “While some artists have left this platform, I believe that it is still the best online streaming application,” says DJ PED1NE. “The only issue with Spotify is that the sound could always use a boost.”
  2. SoundCloud. According to DJ PED1NE, SoundCloud is the second best online music application in which you have access to a large audience. “If you are new to music industry and you are looking for ways to promote yourself freely or with a highly insignificant cost, then check out Sound Cloud,” says DJ PED1NE. “The large audience that apps like SoundCloud have helps you introduce your music to a wide range of people coming from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. You can capitalize this large body of audience, and use it for the advancement of your career.”
  3. Apple Music. DJ PED1NE rates this application within the third place since not everyone has access to it. Apple as a company has vowed to the exclusivity of its services to its customers. “What was once known as a privilege is now known as an obstacle in the path of the customers,” says DJ PED1NE. “Not everyone has an iPhone and that is the problem.” However, there is a reason why Apple Music is highly popular among young people and later generations, and that is its high sound quality. 
  4. YouTube Music. “This old friend never lets you down,” says DJ PED1NE. YouTube Music is an abundant source of latest music productions along with the oldest. You can choose YouTube as your main source of searching for musical tracks. The only problem with platforms such as You Tube Music is that it is hard to discover the music you are looking for, since there are countless numbers of tracks with the same name but by different singers and composers. 
  5. Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon as a company is expanding its audience by introducing new platforms and new means to make its customers’ lives better. However the latest addition to the Amazon team was not that successful. While Amazon Music Unlimited has many features that allow you to enter your account and listen to your playlists in no time, it has been casted aside by the many rival applications. Moreover, according to the users, the music discovery mode does not function properly. After all, it is the lack of cohesion in user experience that negatively affects its popularity among users to a large degree. Another issue with Amazon Music Unlimited is that, while many music applications offer at least some of their services free of charge, Amazon Music Unlimited offers no free services which is a huge concern for the users.
  6. Tidal is an application that is directed towards the younger audience. “Tidal is the new sensation,” says DJ PED1NE. “But you never know with these platforms since they are popping up like mushrooms everywhere, it is hard to discover which one meets all your needs and you need not look for another online streaming application.
  7. Deezer. Deezer is another app for online music streaming. While it has the capacity to stream 3D audio pockets, it falls short when it comes to music discovery and that is why it is not the popular choice among users comparing to Spotify.

Online music streaming applications have introduced the music industry to a new realm of experience, one that is more profitable both for the music producers and their fans.

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